German Shepherd Dogs

The Beginning

My love for this beautiful, noble breed began as a young girl, learning their gentleness with children and the true guardians they can be, from a German Shepherd, Duke, we had for a couple of days.


In 1991 I owned my first German Shepherd, Joker. Becoming part of our family, he proved to me how this IS the foundation of loyalty, love and will to please. We learned and worked together as a team; he was my first dog to get an obedience title.


In 1993 I took the opportunity to become a German Shepherd breeder. I knew the temperament and qualities I was looking for and the breeding ethics I wanted in my program. I did not do this all on my own to get where I am today. I have many breeders to thank over the years for their guidance, knowledge and approval of the breeding/purchasing of their outstanding dogs to include in my breeding program. Please see " Thank you."


Vallance was the name of my kennel when I first started breeding. In 1995 the kennel became Penhall; permanently registered with the CKC. We are members in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club, German Shepherd Dog Club of Manitoba, and German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada.



We are Robert and Deborah Ross, in Steinbach, MB on 15 peaceful acres surrounded by trees.  Beautiful oaks decorate our yard and 7 acres of  field with a pond and trails in the bush offer a lovely playground of activity for both us and our dogs.

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Our latest news is the new litter!  Our Penhall's Angel With Question has whelped 3 males and 1 female on 10 January 2018. All pups from this litter are now sold. Our next litter is planned for early spring 2020. I am now a seller of Perfectly Raw Pet Food.

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Our Logan, Penhall's Crown Jewel Logan is currently in training to be my husband's service dog.

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thank you

I thank Fred and Wenda Engels, who selected wonderful and healthy dogs for me to start in my breeding program. They shared valuable information on keeping my dogs happy and strongly encouraged me going to shows to meet other breeders and have fun learning and getting titles on my dogs.

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The Property
 15 wooded acres

The Dogs

 I sincerely want you all to experience my reasons for owning this outstanding breed — the German Shepherd Dog — naturally beautiful, very versatile and so willing to learn.


Penhall German Shepherd Dogs

Steinbach, Manitoba, CA

telephone 204-346-0933