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I like to be the owner/handler of our dogs.  I will admit running is getting harder for me but I hope to continue showing our dogs for as long as I  physically can.  I love working with my dogs and it gives me pleasure being with them.  I am continuously learning, even to this day and that is where the experience of other breeders and their dogs, obedience instructors, St John's Ambulance, MB Search and Rescue  and  German Shepherd Dog Club MB members, and my wonderful mentor, Marvis Kilgour who says it as it is,  have given me the knowledge, breed ehtics and skills needed in my breeding program and accomplishments made. Please see "Thank You".


My husband Robert, while in Germany with the military, enjoyed learning Schutzhund training with the German Police, so if I need a reference regarding this training, I have him to ask. My husband also enjoys showing our dogs and is there to help me when he can. Logan, one of our pups, is his service dog that is with him 24/7. These two make a happy team and go everywhere together.


We plan on one litter a year and choose a strict breeding program. Even though our dogs are breed worthy to enter CKC shows and Hip and Elbow certified, they must have a wonderful temperament and be a lovely family pet.  A factor very important to us. Family pets lead a lifestyle with numerous activities and/or situations they must adapt to. This includes the dogs we have selected/been accepted to breed to.


We sincerely do our best to produce healthy, fun loving puppies to prepare them for their new homes. We prefer to have our puppies temperament tested at 7 weeks so the natural test results help  in owner selection and the new owners can use this test as a tool to guide their puppy into the best companion they possibly can be. Our dogs are definitely members of our family and I believe, your dog will be a happier and smarter one because of it.


We have earned many titles on our dogs at CKC Shows and Trials and raised 4 St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dogs and currently in training, a Service Dog for my husband. Please see "Accomplishments".  Owners that have earned titles on their dogs are also on this page including another Therapy Dog!  Thank you to everyone for all your hard work and dedication.  We are very proud of you and your dogs!!


Please meet our wonderful dogs of past and present. May you find a Penhall German Shepherd is a dog you may be looking for. We welcome you to our family and wish you the experience of love and joy our dogs have unconditionally given to us.



Thank you

to the Breeders:  I sincerely thank Laurence Anonychuk and Karen Sheilds of Canisphere Kennels. These wonderful people really helped start where I am today, and to get me motivated at dog shows. We have purchased lovely dogs from them and have bred to their wonderful boys. I could not thank them enough for all the help they offered in deciding to buy Casta as this started our success at dog shows as breeders.  A very successful breeding to their Dylan with my Casta produced my London.


I must thank Diana Harbrink of Silverhill's Kennels from whom I purchased Casta. She was the new solid foundation of my breeding program and she was my first dog to get a Championship title. We then purchased Ch Silverhill's Stargate from Diana wanting to add his qualities into our future plans.


I also have Sandy Anderson of Woodside Kennels to thank. She approved the breeding of Casta to her wonderful male, Ch Kenlyn's Calvin Hi-Cliff Kaleef, adding show quality to our line.  Another success toward our dog show career producing Cyrus.


I cannot forget, Les Robinson of Asintay Kennels.  I purchased Genie from him. She and Diamond produced my husband's Service Dog, Logan.


I truly must thank Leslie Snell of Freewind Kennels. I thank her for choosing our Lincoln to breed to and produce her Diamond and my Jewel.


I thank Brenda Holiday of Holterbren Kennels for choosing Diamond to breed to producing Luke; we bred back to him producing our future girl Angel.


I also must thank Barb Loftus of Ritchbar Kennels for approving the breeding of Jewel to her wonderful male Jag. I appreciate the extra steps she has taken in DNA testing to help promote healthier dogs in our breed.


Very importantly, many thanks to my mentor, Marvis Kilgour.  Marvis has over 45 years of experience breeding and exhibiting German Shepherd Dogs under her kennel name Kilmarvdon. She has judged several Futurity/Maturity shows and is known to have a great eye for a dog. Marvis is honest and straight-forward with her opinions. She has helped evaluate litters and these "lessons" have proved invaluable to us. London was the first pup she picked and recommended in a litter evaluation. No words can express my gratitude on her selection of my magnificent boy who was my greatest success in obtaining multiple titles and value to my breeding program. Her many years experience in evaluating these little guys is proven by a very high accuracy rate.


To the Klassen family, who have raised and kept females for us wanted in our breeding program.


To my Instructors:  Thank you to  Louis Carrierre, Jean Haines, Margaret Ekosky, Heatherlea Canine Education, Sharon Hobbs, St. John's Ambulance Team of MB, MB Search and Rescue (George Leonard) for Therapy and Service Dogs. Conformation instructors for all they have taught me, Gerry Thompson, Laura Scuba, Tom Alexander, our GSDC of MB and Katherina Dueck. To the Dog Clubs that hold trials to get additional titles on our dogs like Herding Instinct Tests and Tracking to name a few, a big thank you.


For our puppy Inuate Temperament testing we thank Jean Haines. For many years she has evaluated our puppies. Her 30 years experience in evaluating these little guys is proven by a very high accuracy rate. To my firends Jan Slinowski and Debbie Hinds who help Jean during the evaluations.


To my owners: Last but not least. A big thank you to my puppy owners who have earned titles on your dogs. Lucy Johnson, Ann Donaldson, Louis Carriere and Jan Slinowski. We are very proud of you all for your hard work and dedication in obedience titles. Ann who has Indy, our 5th St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog and weekly visits seniors at  Bethesda  Nursing Home in Steinbach.  Ann and Indy also go to Winnipeg and team up with Lucy (Ann's sister) and Emma to visit seniors.  A special thanks for making our seniors happy.


To all our pet owners who have given our puppies and dogs a lovely home and purpose in life. We Thank You all.



At the Kennel

Our Penhall's Angel With Question has whelped a litter of 3 males and 1 female January 10, 2018. I am now a seller of Perfectly Raw Pet Food.


Also our Logan, Penhall's Crown Jewel is currently in training to be my husband's service dog. More to come soon.





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