The Females

ch freewind gem and jewels

Lincoln and Freewind's Black Magic produced Ch Freewind's Gem and Jewels. Our 8th Champion for our kennel. Jewel is one of my smaller females and has a gentle  temperament. She has good working structure and covers a lot of ground like her dad Lincoln. She is trustworthy with our grandchildren and this is a key factor with us.  We obtained her Championship quickly in 2 weekend shows. I am very happy with my Jewel and am excited to see what she will produce for our kennel.


OFA / pedigree / Ch

Ch silverhill's Casta spell

My Casta!! This girl had it all and she could move. Only 3 shows to get her Championship and my first dog to earn this with. Casta was our new breeding foundation female that made us very successful in producing beautiful dogs worthy of the breed ring.


pedigree / OFA

ch penhall's golden treasure

Bailey.  London and Giner produced this gentle, loving Girl.  She was so trustworthy like her dad London.  A big female and a heart to match her size. A wonderful Therapy Dog like her dad too. Litter mates Dezzi and Indy also Therapy Dogs.


CH / Therapy Dog / pedigree

Penhall's Diamond Franci

Major and Sheri Produced Franci. Franci was another big girl with a heart of gold and was a mom to everyone, big or small, dog or human. She was outstanding in Hide and Seek. No dog could find any one of us faster than her. She would track by ground and air scenting.



Vallance's Starlit Sheri

A wonderful family dog for the Klassen's




Penhall's genuine treasure

Stargate and Franci produced Penhall's Genuine Treasure "Ginger". The second dog raised by the Klassen Family for us.  Wonderful family dog for them too!



Genie  Vom Asintay

Genie is a smaller female but do not let her size fool you. This girl will give her life to protect you. You will not get into the house if she does not know you. Genie is great with our grandchildren and she and Diamond produced Logan, my husband's Service Dog currently in training.


OVC hips and Elbows Certified



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